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     The development of the IDS Material Management System dates to 1976. A leading industrial distributor offering a full range of commercial and industrial products assembled a talented team to develop a complete business system designed specifically for the distribution business. Millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours later, MMS became a reality. It has progressed over the years with many enhancements and refinements, culminating with a complete rewrite to change from a mainframe computer environment to a windows server environment. That task began in the year 2000 and was completed in about 3 years with a go live date of October, 2003. Since that time MMS has been extremely effective while performing with almost 100% availability. Many enhancements have been added since the WEB based MMS was initially implemented as we learned to harness the power of the internet. MMS is a very mature, tested, and proven system that is now available to you. It is a premier business system that is an exciting alternative to other ERP offerings relying on dated client/server technology, many of which originated as accounting or manufacturing systems that were ‘adapted’ to the distribution business. Not so for MMS; it is a ‘pure’ distribution system containing all the functionality you want and need while being simple to learn and easy to operate.
Development Timeline
1976 - Material Management System development began
1986 - Computer Service Technologies formed
Wholesale Electric Supply converts from Cardex to MMS
1994 - CST partners with Wholesale Electric Supply of Houston
1997 - Developed WEB-Based CMMS and e-Shop store front
2000 – Began complete rewrite of MMS
2003 – Implemented all new WEB-Based MMS
2006 – Formed Industrial Distribution Systems
2010 – Global Marketing Campaign Begins
IDS systems are absolutely 100% internet based which offers a host of advantages over traditional operating systems including lower cost, ease of use, flexibility, quick deployment, frequent and rapid enhancements and much more. Also, with 100% functionality over the WEB, you can be fully operational anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.
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