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Built For YOUR Business
The IDS Material Management System (MMS) was built specifically for Distribution. It was designed and built by distributors, for distributors. It is flexible and powerful, allowing you to conduct your business in a most efficient manner. MMS is not an accounting or manufacturing system that was ‘adapted’ to fit distribution; every piece of our software was designed specifically for distribution.

Latest In Technology
MMS utilizes the latest in technology. Originally a mainframe based system; MMS was completely rewritten to operate in a true Windows browser-based environment. We did not take any shortcuts in this process. IDS performed a total rewrite of the MMS and CMMS systems in order to fully utilize modern technology and take advantage of the power and ease of connectivity offered by the Internet.

Efficient / Affordable
Every aspect of MMS is designed for efficiency. Hundreds of real system users have had significant input in the design of IDS’ systems. We have allowed people that actually do the day-to-day work help with system design, and this user input has had a great deal to do with the ease of use and efficiency of MMS. And we never stop listening to our users as we continually strive to improve efficiency and drive down operational costs by adding new features. We are always looking for ways to Do More with Less!

MMS offers room for you to grow. As you expand, you simply add to your user network, possibly increase your internet bandwidth, and we handle the rest. Whether you have 10 users or 500 users; one location or 50 locations, you never worry about capacity; that is our job.

We believe that MMS contains everything you need to run your business, but it was designed and written with flexibility in mind. If there is a feature you must have, we can almost always accommodate you, and always at a reasonable fee and in a reasonable time frame. Many software providers want your first born child for any system customization, some won’t make changes at all, and others require months to complete the task; that is not true of IDS. Frequently, if your request is a valid system enhancement that would benefit all users, there is NO charge. We are continually enhancing the system, and you get all system changes with no ‘upgrade’ charges or ‘new release’ fees. You don’t have to wait 6 months for the next release either. We can make changes and have them incorporated into out base system for all users in as little as 24 hours because there is no PC resident software required to operate the MMS system.

We build redundancy into our entire network to insure continuous system availability 7 days a week 24 hours a day. So, whenever you need it regardless of where you are, MMS is available to you. You have access to MMS whether you are in the office, at home, or on the road; anywhere you have access to the World Wide Web! Multiple and varied internet feeds provide redundant bandwidth capacity to insure quick access and response times. Back-up power generation insures we are online regardless of external power problems. Our hardened facility has fire protection and security systems. Our daily off-site backup of systems and data over the internet provide for secure data and easy recovery in the event of a disaster.


Easy to Use
Drop down menus and pop up screens make learning MMS easy and using MMS simple. Indexed, searchable HELP tutorials are also available. Step by step procedures for all major processes are readily available with a click of your mouse. Users can customize their favorites menu and thus have frequently used functions immediately at their fingertips.

Every feature of MMS is User ID and Password protected. Security features are quite extensive and can be controlled by your designated administrator. Features not assigned to a user do not even appear on their menu.

MMS is a tightly integrated system. All applications ‘talk’ to each other. One process automatically feeds another, making for a highly efficient operational environment. There is no ’front end’ process, no software overlay template, and no back-end interface required with MMS. Our modern database technology binds the various applications seamlessly making for a cohesive architecture. Want your financials available on the first working day of the month? With MMS that is possible because of the seamless integration between our operational, accounting, and general ledger systems. And, our fully integrated CRM portal allows customers to view real time order status reports, print invoice copies or print accounts receivable statements thus relieving your staff of those customer service activities.

Fully Integrated EDI
MMS easily supports a variety of proprietary and non-proprietary EDI, from ANSI X.12 and XML to customized integration directly with your customers and suppliers. Additionally, IDS offers interface capabilities to various commercial market sites. Again, our modern database design is very flexible, allowing for easy import and export of data content.

Feature Rich Applications
All of our applications are rich in features designed to improve productivity. There are hundreds of reports readily available with various selection and sorting options that literally give you access to thousands of reports on demand. Most of these reports offer download options that allow you immediate access to real time data that can be imported to a spreadsheet making reporting capabilities limitless. MMS features are too numerous to recount here, but you can take a tour yourself by clicking on the MMS link on the IDISSYS.COM home page. Contact us via email at and we will provide you with a user id and password that will allow you to explore the functionality and experience the ease of using MMS first hand.

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