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Identifying Material
Project Specific Catalog - common link for engineering, procurement, accounting, & construction
Reduces Long Lead-time Items
Reduces Number of Specialty/Non-stock items

Work Planning
Schedule Deliveries in Work Packages When & Where They Are Needed

Material Releasing
Reduces Project Investment
Reduces Material Management Costs
Reduces Material Surplus

Precision Tracking
Track Material From Time of Estimating to Final Installation

Real-time Access to the Project File
Efficient Global Project Management
Last Minute Substitutions and Changes Are Immediately Identified and Recorded
On-Demand Computer Generated Reports
Configurable Components Allow For Custom Project Reporting Requirements

Cable Management
Our proprietary software includes an integrated cable management module. Cable is purchased based on the engineering cable schedule. Cable is then managed and shipped to the project by circuit identification after the exact requirement is verified by craft.

Export Module
Export control system with containerization capabilities tracks exact location of material from the time it is delivered to the freight forwarder until it reaches the job site.

Documentation Control
Completely integrated document control and management allows for scanning of all submittals, certifications, test reports, product images, material takeoff drawings, installation details and any other documents required for the project. Documents available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Internet Based
The web-based system provides for on-line, real-time reporting, traceability and project tracking with reports that are downloadable in easy-to-read text format and available to authorized personnel via password protection. CMMS is available in field as long as the project has the capability of accessing the internet.

Project Specific Catalog
Electronic project catalog is based on strict adherence to project specifications. Available on-line, the catalog provides real-time access to all pertinent data related to your project in summary or detailed form. The project catalog ensures the continuity of product pricing and estimate for the duration of the project.

Business to Business Solutions
Project items and estimated quantities may be transferred electronically to or from your client's system.

Summary Billing
Our sophisticated, computerized reporting system provides summary billing with the capability for electronic transfer to Oracle, SAP or other accounting systems.

Enhanced Control and Reporting
Interfacing with CMMS requires no special software or equipment. If you have access to a personal computer and the internet, you can continuously monitor the progress and material usage of your project.

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