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   Industrial Distribution Systems is a Houston, Texas based technology company with over 30 years experience in developing software solutions designed specifically for distributors in the commercial and industrial markets. IDS has created systems we believe are unequaled in the industry and regardless of your company's size you can have them as your own. You can quickly be operational with one of the most sophisticated systems available in the marketplace.With our fully hosted option you can implement our Material Management System with little or no capital investment and no technical staff. You need only a personal computer and an internet connection to get started. When you utilize IDS, worries about what is needed to keep pace with technology and stay ahead of your competition are a thing of the past.

We offer a variety of plans. Our fully hosted option offers you complete freedom to concentrate on running your business while leaving the complexity of managing the system in our hands. If you want in-house control then you can lease MMS and run it
at your own facility while we continue to provide you with upgrades and support. If you are large enough to take total control, you can purchase the MMS software outright. Your staff can modify as you like or we can make changes for you; either way you will have rights to use and customize the source code. From fully hosted to full ownership and everything in between, we can design a plan that works for you.

 IDS has developed systems to provide distribution companies with all the tools needed to operate their businesses at peak efficiency and with the lowest IT cost possible. Our solutions are a complete package that permits IDS customers to concentrate on running their business, which is their core expertise, as we manage the complexities of operating a sophisticated ERP system, which is our expertise.
Achieving the Highest Results
Wholesale Electric Supply Co of Houston, Inc.

Located in Houston, Texas, this company represents one of the most influential privately owned electrical distribution companies in the world.

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R & M Wholesale Electric LLC

R&M is now firmly established in Dubai, UAE using IDS Systems to conduct business throughout the Middle East.

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IDS systems are absolutely 100% internet based which offers a host of advantages over traditional operating systems including lower cost, ease of use, flexibility, quick deployment, frequent and rapid enhancements and much more. Also, with 100% functionality over the WEB, you can be fully operational anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.
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